Here is a list of the 3 most interesting Kickstarter projects.  I have no affiliation with the Kickstarter company or with any of the products/projects listed in this site.  My intent is to simply provide you, the reader, with some info on what I found to be the most interesting projects on their site.  If you are not to versed in the Kickstarter website and what they do, here is a quick overview: 

Kickstarter is a website that allows anyone to basically pitch their idea, invention, service or product to the entire world.  The reason why they are sharing this info is to acquire additional funding to help them get their business up and running or to fund the creation and/or production of their invention or product.  In essence, they are looking for a “kick-start”, hence the name of the website, Kickstarter

The site is broken into several categories that include:

  • Art
  • Comics
  • Crafts
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Fashion
  • Film & Video
  • Food
  • Games
  • Journalism
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • Theater

I definitely recommend checking out the site to browse all of the projects and learn more about all of the interesting and new ideas that are out there.

Now, here is my list of the three most interesting projects currently listed on Kickstarter:

The Orba  –  A Musical Instrument Designed For Your Hands
        Category:            Music, Technology
       Created by:         Artiphon

The Orba is described as a new type of musical instrument that is designed for your hands.  It basically combines a synth, a looper, and a MIDI controller all into this little hand-held device that can be played by anyone, even if they have no musical background.  The description of this new futuristic instrument states that you can “play every part of the song on a single instrument.”  It offers this ability by allowing the user to switch between drum mode, bass mode, chord mode and lead mode.  Once you have completed each section, you can layer them together and use the built-in looper to create a song.

It definitely sounds like an extremely interesting concept and product.  I have become somewhat versed with producing music digitally and I know it can be very difficult and confusing at first.  The Orba seems like it might be a good fit for someone who is interested in music production but does not have any idea where to start or how it works.  If it is as easy to use as it states, people could avoid becoming discouraged when attempting to learn about producing music and using digital music production software.

To learn more about The Orba, you can check it out below:

Click here to visit the Orba Kickstarter page

Flash Forest: Using Drones to Plant 1 Billion Trees
        Category:           Environment, Technology
        Created by:       Flash Forest

The Flash Forest Kickstarter project was created to help the Flash Forest company achieve their goal of planting 1 billion new trees by 2028.  They state that they are going to plant one new tree for every dollar they raise.  The part of this project that makes this seem like it is definitely possible is the implementation plan they have designed to plant the trees, which is by using drones to distribute the seeds across the land to help reforest areas of the globe. 

Two questions that I have about this project are:

            1 – Why is reforesting areas and planting 1 billion trees so important?

            2 – Are there other ways that are being used to help reforesting efforts?

The Kickstarter page for the Flash Forest Project answers both these questions in a diagram listed on their page and is pictured below:

After reading the importance of finding a viable solution to the reforesting effort, this Kickstarter project seems like a great one for a person looking to invest in and I highly recommend that you take a minute to check out their project page.  The link to their page is listed below:

Click here to visit the Flash Forest Kickstarter page

Carchat:  A Social Media App that Allows you to Talk to Other Drivers on the Road
         Catagory:       Technology
         Created by:    Jeremiah & THEAPPINEERS

Carchat is a new Kickstarter project that is designed to allow passengers in vehicles to communicate with other vehicles.  This is a concept that I have long thought of being very useful but I never thought of using phones for this idea.  I always imagined using an LCD screen which is antiquated and requires the purchase of additional hardware.  The idea of using an app on the phone makes this much easier to use and to create a large network of users.

The way the application works is by having users register with their license plate number to create their profile and the license plate number is how you can identify new users.  The nice part about the app is that users have the ability to block any other user to avoid harassing messages and such.  As described on the Carchat Kickstarter page, this app will be able to help drivers let others know if they have a brake light out or if they need to turn their high-beams or blinkers off.  What is also nice about the app is that if you message someone about a broken head light or break light, they will also receive a link to local stores that carry that specific part for their vehicle and the pricing.

This app seems like a very useful app in addition to the social aspect to it.  If a vehicle crashes, people can check on driver and passengers to ensure they are safe and find out if they require any emergency services.  It also makes driving on long trips much more entertaining for passengers and opens the door to a whole new generation of travel games and new versions of the license plate game.  Now you can play the “what languages do people speak game” or scavenger hunts, etc.  I definitely recommend checking this one out!  The link to the Kickstarter page for this project is listed below:

Click here to visit the Carchat Kickstarter page

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