Check Out Our New Facebook Logo Featuring Stainless Stanley!

The main logo for our Tanks USA Facebook page has been recently updated!  The new logo is featuring our fearless hero Stainless Stanley!  

When we were initially casting for our company Mascot, we decided that we wanted someone who really was a good representative of all that is good in our products and services.  This meant that we were looking for someone who was able to display strength, durability, and dependability.  We also wanted someone who was honest, respectful to others and willing to tell the truth…even when its not good news.

There were many staff members who believed we were asking for to much and thought it would be impossible to find anyone who could display even a few of these great traits.  This was the same type of criticism and negative feedback we received when we used these same standards to the way we build our stainless steel tanks and the materials we use.  All we would hear is, “Why would you exceed the minimum standards when you dont have too?”, “You should use cheaper materials or else you wont be able to make any money.”, and my favorite, “You can’t charge that little!  It will take you a decade to earn what other companies are earning in one!”

Well, we proved the naysayers wrong once and we did it again when Stainless Stanley walked into the casting room for the first time!  We all knew right away that he was perfect and was exactly what we were looking for!  

Stainless Stanley by a simple code: 

  • Work hard
  • Never quit til the job is done right
  • Always be honest
  • Only use the best materials if you want the best product

Stainless Stanley…We salute you!!

new logo for Facebook

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