Two of the biggest issues our the Unites States, as well as every other country around the globe, is currently facing are the ever-increasing amount of waste and the dwindling space we have to put it, as well as generating power to fuel our homes, businesses and vehicles.  The present dependency that we have on oil has not helped these issues at all and over the last few years the oil companies have made it clear that they do not care about anything other than profits, regardless of the effects it has on our economies as well as our environment.  The issues we have had with waste have grown exponentially as the world population has continued to grow and we have continued to consume more and more which has made it harder and more expensive to find places to put all of this waste. 

We now know that if we keep on this track, we will be facing enormous problems across the globe that may never be able to be fixed if too much damage is done.  So, what is the solution?  The current renewable energy sources that are available include wind and solar power.  These two options are great but they only seem to be able to be possible on a small scale and neither help us with any of the issues dealing with waste.  This is where Waste to Energy Solutions can step in and help us with all of these issues.


WEF Innovations, a US-based company, has now made it possible to convert all of our waste into usable energy.  This includes both bio-waste (poop and pee) and all other waste and garbage that can be converted into usable energy (electricity) and Bio-Fuel. If you have seen Back to the Future 2, where Doc powers the DeLorean Time Machine by putting trash into the Mr. Fusion, then you have seen the basic concept of how the waste to energy process works.  Imagine, no more landfills, no more garbage being dumped into the oceans and even better, imagine that al of your own waste and garbage will be used to power your home as well as all of the homes and businesses anywhere the WEF Systems are present.  Its really just that simple.  What makes the WEF processes even more amazing is the fact that when you introduce all of their systems and processes together you not only get waste from energy but you also get potable drinking water from the humidity in the air, fruits and green leafy vegetables from the hydroponics and fish to eat or use as fertilizer or waste for energy.

This means that you can literally create a fully life sustaining environment with little to no carbon footprint and no waste!  Each of the systems works off of each other and has been proven to not just work but work efficiently.  What is even better is that these systems can easily turn a profit extremely quickly, making them make financial sense to anyone who would be using them.  Another great part of the WEF processes is that you do not have to use all or none of the processes.  You can utilize just one, some or all of them, depending on your needs and what you are trying to do.  Below are diagrams of all the fully integrated WEF systems and how they work together as well as diagrams for each individual process with more detailed info on how they work.

After reviewing more details about how these waste to energy processes from WEF work, its also easy to see that they can be scaled to any size and have the capabilities of powering and providing for large cities as well as being used on a more local scale where you can have them set up to power a small neighborhood and they are also planning to have their systems be able to be set up for individual or a couple homes where you and your neighbors can use your own waste and garbage to power your homes.  This means that, even in the USA, where the energy grids are currently not set up to power cross-country, the WEF Systems would be able to be accessible to everyone and provide consistent, usable electricity, while managing and removing all garbage and waste (sewage). 

The current alternative energy options of wind and solar will not be able to provide this type of consistent, efficient, electricity to large areas of the country because our current power grids are not able to run cross-country.  Unfortunately, there are only specific areas of the country where the wind and solar power can be placed because they demand an environment that provides a certain amount of wind or sunlight to generate the amount of electricity needed.  The WEF Waste to Energy systems can be placed anywhere because all they need is a steady supply of waste, which has never been an issue for Americans, as well as everyone else around the world.  We all create waste from the food and drinks we consume and its clear that we have produced more garbage than we know what to do with. 

This will also open up a large amount of additional land for our growing population as we would no longer need to rely on landfills and any other current means of discarding waste that we use.  This means that real estate industry would also be able to benefit greatly from this as well.

It seems like the most important questions we need to be asking are:

  1. Why are we not already using technology like this to provide electricity and eliminate our waste and garbage?
  2. How do we get the WEF Processes and Systems to start providing us with electricity and managing our waste?

I am pretty sure that the interest groups for big energy and waste management companies will not want this to be used because they do not have a financial stake in it but that’s not what should govern the choices that are made for us.  It is not hard to see that utilizing these systems will be extremely beneficial to everyone both financially and environmentally and that’s what should drive the policy and decisions our representatives make for us.  The science is proven.  It works and it works very well.  I hope that technology like what WEF Innovations will soon be used and taken advantage of by the US as well as countries world-wide.

For more info on WEF Innovations, LLC and Waste to Energy with other benefits, you can visit their website at www.wefinnovations.com

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